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Eric Almeida - Vocals
Josh Ligaya - Guitars
Aaron Hallman - Guitars
Nathan Bulla - Drums

What a deliciously sick and monstrous tapestry heavy metal hath wrought. It’s paved the way for continuous evolution and innovation, broadening the horizon so extensively that bands like AURAS now manifest. AURAS are comrades-in-arms with all who champion unrelenting groove, earthquake like shifts, and crushing all out heaviness.

Those who offer fervent support to Periphery, Veil Of Maya, Northlane, and the mighty Meshuggah are quickly discovering the power and atmosphere of the upstart quartet. In layman’s terms, imagine the furious malice and rabid attitude of Slayer injected with the groove-oriented pulse of Korn; in other words, more head bobbing than head banging.

Paramount to their sound is the “curveball.” Grab the grooves quickly, because the musical ground is always moving. AURAS identify the tightest corners within their sound and pulverize through them with ridiculous precision. New textures, nuances and expressions abound. Rhythmic twitches and warped riffs both beckon and intrude, sending listeners down a new rabbit hole with each rewarding repeated listen.

Full bio

Laboring in the basements of Cambridge, Ontario perfecting their sonic alchemy, AURAS quickly amassed an impressive collection of songs, ably shifting from bludgeoning riffs to ambient experimentalism and back again. Their first EP and follow-up single kicked off what became a deafening online buzz, inciting the passions of genre bloggers, online commenters and Reddit reactionaries. The Circle Pit declared them Band Of The Week before they’d done much touring. Now, their continued ascent is all but assured.

AURAS come from a national soil rich with heavy music innovation. Canada blessed the world with Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame inductees RUSH, prog-metal pioneers Voivod, metalcore madmen Protest The Hero, death metal stalwarts Gorguts, and now, AURAS.

Formed in March 2010, AURAS is comprised of vocalist Eric Almeida, guitarist/vocalist Josh Ligaya, guitarist Aaron Hellman, and drummer Nathan Bulla. They released Panacea, their debut 7-track EP, in January 2013 and followed it with the track “Adverse Condition,” demonstrating a boundary pushing attitude and bottom-heavy blast similar in mindset to Tesseract, Disperse and the band’s one-time tour mates, Ever Forthright.

In Spring 2015, AURAS dropped an obscenely massive, gratuitously dense, constantly challenging stop/start assault called Crestfallen. The 5-song debut for Distort Entertainment was produced and mixed by Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Neck Deep, Structures)

The EP quickly hit #1 on the iTunes Metal charts upon its release, just as AURAS hit the road with likeminded prog-metal merchants The Contortionist and CHON to showcase their technical metal crunch.  Crestfallen was chosen as part of Spotify’s Best New Metal playlist. The Super Smash Bros. loving band’s social media profiles were bombarded with praise for the EP, with fans new and old alike gravitating strongly toward “Thrown” (and its unreal breakdown) and “Boundless,” which bookend the EP, as well as “Terrene,” “Inordinate” (especially the intro riff) and the updated “Adverse Condition.”

Since climbing from the proverbial ooze with a thunderous pulse, heavy metal has replicated, separated, and diversified countless times. It’s given the world thrash, doom, death metal, black metal, deathcore, and everything in between. The off-time polyrhythmic bombast of Meshuggah (themselves indebted to death metal, tribal percussiveness, jazz, and Noisecore) gave rise to yet another exciting push forward of the musical envelope. Just as bands like Carcass, Morbid Angel, and Emperor led various subgenres while simultaneously clawing against perceived boundaries within their respective styles. Similarly, AURAS take their place amongst the 7-string-axe-wielding polymetric groove community, eager to shred the envelope further as they evolve. 





Crestfallen Album Trailer